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Orion’s Education Platform is a comprehensive Training and Content Management System designed to streamline the process of creating, managing, and delivering training content within organizations. The system aims to enhance the learning experience for both trainers and trainees while providing robust content management capabilities.

Bridging Education & Sports for a Dynamic Learning Experience

Design Led, Technology Enabled with Sports and Education Domain Experts

Orion Education Platform

Key Features

Orion's Education Platform stands as a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the fundamental aspects of training and content management but also goes the extra mile to create a dynamic, engaging, and adaptable educational ecosystem. The platform's strengths lie not only in its features but in its commitment to facilitating a positive and effective learning experience for both trainers and trainees. 

Robust User Management

Easy Content and Course Management

Learning Analytics

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Assessment Tools

Assess and provide feedback to your users via:

Grading and Feedback

Surveys and Evaluations

Coming Soon

Gen AI

Futuristic features like personalized learning, content curation, automated grading and feedback, adaptive assessments, predictive analysis etc.,


AI-powered chatbots or virtual teaching assistants that provide explanations, offer guidance on coursework, and assist in resolving queries instantly, improving accessibility to information.

Our Esteemed Clients

“The Orion team’s knowledge and expertise in the sports domain set Orion Innovation apart from the rest. Their capability is proven, and the design and customer driven approach is clearly a strength” - Liverpool FC


Case Studies

How a major American sports league replaced disconnected legacy with State-of-the-Art Platform

Platform Implementation

How a major sports association in Europe modernized their software to streamline operations.

Software Modernization

How education operations were transformed for an emerging market’s institution

Operations Transformation

Redesigning the Online Presence of a Big 10 University

Website Redesign

How Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) created a personalized user experience on their website

UX/UI Personalization

Learning Management System


Club Management & Player Registration


All-Encompassing Business Automation


Case Intel Management


Our Products

Orion delivers transformative business solutions & digital product development with agility at scale

Our Mission is to be a trusted partner who inspires and accelerates digital innovation. We work with a wide range of clients across many industries including hi-tech, telecom and media, professional services, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, sports and entertainment, and education.

Maturity & Scale


Years in Business




Major Delivery Centers

About Us

For 30 years, Orion has been solving complex business problems for our clients. Our transformative business solutions are rooted in digital strategy, experience design, and engineering, empowering our clients to operate with agility at scale.

Watch the video to learn about our transformative work and how our clients across a range of industries are transforming their businesses.

Corporate Video

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